The Element Water

Our human body as well as the planet earth is composed of over 70% water.
Water is vital to life.  But in excess, through a sickness in our body—like a weakness in the heart or kidneys or a blockage in the lymph system—even it can become seriously toxic to us.

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The qualities of water are enormously varied and diverse, ranging from the swaying, surging waves of the sea or a still, quieting lake, to effervescent waterfalls and destructive floods.

Water can be clear, cloudy or dirty.  It can be shallow or deep.

We use it to drink and cook, and also to water plants and wash.

Water gives life because it carries in it a never-ending source of vitality and liveliness.  Its natural tendency is to seek its own way, even when we try to direct it into controlled channels.  Water propels everything forward and can regenerate things that were earlier seemingly lost to us.

We can utilize these qualities of the essential element of water and learn from them. Maybe the lake inside you might permit a little more vigor again, so that its water can run over and out of your self-created limitations.  Perhaps you have the feeling that you finally want to let something go, you want to wash it out of your soul—and permit, in a way, a liberating inner weeping.  Perhaps you yearn for comfort and a sense of well being, and you can simply let yourself drift and be protected by the dimension of water as if you were in the salt of the dead sea.

Water uses the same source of creative power, zest for action, and unbridled life force as our original self. Contact with The Element Water helps us to connect again with our source and from this to create change in ourselves—change that leaves us effervescent and vital for our own life.

Created & Narrated by:  Yashi
Music:  Christopher Franke
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Yashi - The Element Water