The Element Earth

The word „earth“ evokes many associations;  hotbed, growth, life, source, roots, connection.

Integrating this element in us means discovering or intensifying our earth qualities, qualities that are full of stability.  Earth properties give our thoughts and feelings a natural, original base again -- free from paralyzing and twisted patterns.

Cover of the Meditation CD: Yashi Meditation - Element Earth

Knowing what one wants but lovingly remaining true to oneself while standing up for it:  an immovable foundation in us is important to further the growth of our soul and spirit, and for our spiritual roots to be conscious to us at all times as they flow in joy and lightness in our daily lives.

In the meditation CD „Element Earth“, earth frequencies within you will be accessed through music and the spoken word and will give support for creating a profound and mature foundation for  life.  Life itself is like the earth—in continuous change, birth and death—an inseparable interplay.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to better remain with yourself, to create an inner structure which is based on clarity and a true consciousness of who you are -- to make lucid, distinct, light-filled intentions and decisions from this fundament and not be simply thrown around again by outer irritation and manipulation?!

Fresh, healthy, nutrient-rich earth is required to begin new growth -- a platform for continuous change and the development of your life force.

Created & Narrated by:  Yashi
Music:  Christopher Franke
Total Playing Time:

You can download this Meditation for just $9.99 at the iTunes Store.

Yashi - The Element Earth