The Element AIR

Air is not visible to the human eye but no one disputes its existence.  Air is elemental and life sustaining to us human beings.  Without it nothing on earth could function.

Cover of the Meditation CD: Yashi Meditation - Element Air

Everyone interacts with it differently, depending on taste and personal attitude. Where one person cannot get enough of it, another prefers to stay in front of a television or computer in a closed room.

For most people air is self-evident like freedom, the earth, water…it is simply always there.

Only when it becomes scarce do we notice that we can have insufficient air and that its presence is by no means self-evident; perhaps when our breath becomes short as we are standing in a large crowd of people, or stress takes our breath away, or when we have completely overburdened our body in sport—as our tongue hangs at knee-level and our heart beats up into our throat as we gasp for breath; or, especially, when our body produces a weakness in the lungs because of some sickness.

Air gives us impetus and drive.  It brings movement, freedom, and independence.  No one can tell air where it must go and where not.

One can find particles of debris in the air, but air itself as an element always remains pure.

Air is a combination of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, and invites us for interaction.  Every day we take it in, work with it in our cells, and release it again.  There is no stagnation, only a cycle which keeps the life in us alert.

Exactly as air searches for its path through our cells and our cells cannot live without it, there is a force of light in us that arises from the same source and makes life possible.

Through The Element Air in meditation discover access to your own inner light and the happiness and fullness it holds—your drive, vigor and very natural right to exist.

Created & Narrated by:  Yashi
Music:  Christopher Franke
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Yashi - The Element Air