Switch Off Your Day - Recover In No Time

Who doesn’t know the feeling of constant hurry from here to there, of being continuously under time and expectation pressure, unable to relax or to simply switch off?!

Cover of the Relaxation CD: Switch Off Your Day

Everyday life is rigidly structured for most people; first with work, followed closely by the responsibility of family, not to mention that of house and garden.  Where am I?  Where shall I get my strength, when I am busy constantly giving it to the outside world?  

This relaxation CD makes it possible for you to create new vitality, to enjoy a moment just for yourself without having to ask for a vacation day or sick leave.  The basis of this relaxation exercise lies in the knowledge that each of us carries inside the potential for light and strength. Desire and practice are all that are necessary to discover and use it.


In the car, at the boarding gate, on the couch at home--regardless of when and where--you can do this exercise and escape the outside world for a precious 20 minutes to feel balance and contentment, rekindle your zest for action, and feel prepared again for life.

Created & Narrated by:  Yashi
Music:  Christopher Franke
Total Playing Time:

You can download this CD for just $7.99 at the iTunes Store.

Yashi - Switch Off Your Day - Recover In No Time