Increase Balance, Relaxation and Productivity (for Adolescents)

Would you like to be 14 again?  Imagine once more all the challenges at this age; the constant rebellion, simply out of principle, the continuous inner turmoil as the mind disassembles and constructs things anew; the changes in one’s own body because of hormone adjustments, the pimples, the complexes and at times the helplessness and lack of direction!

Cover of the Relaxation CD for Adolescents: Increase Balance, Relaxation and Productivity

Let’s not fool ourselves, all this is not easy!  And it is exactly how young people fare at this age:  all at once it is more difficult to maintain their inner balance and to be undisturbed by others, and at the same time to digest their first love, work through their first true disappointment, and cope with their first loss or betrayal of trust. 

It’s necessary to support them in all of this to rediscover their equilibrium and at best to resolve their first shocks, with all the accompanying painful feelings and negative thoughts and emotional patterns, before they fall into a cycle of misgiving, fear and hopelessness.


This exercise serves to lighten the transition for children between childhood and adolescence through inner relaxation.  Relaxation means briefly fading out the outside world with all its aggravation and withdrawing into oneself to find quiet, protection, comfort and balance.

For their inner and outer growth, it is important that adolescents work through and heal the experiences that are painful to them, so that they may effect a feeling of balance and happiness within themselves more quickly.

The basis of this relaxation exercise lies in the assumption that we already carry the potential for light and strength in our cells. Desire and practice are all that are needed to discover this and use it.

This relaxation CD provides a possibility for creating new trust in oneself and the world.  The exercise in it can be of transitional assistance for the learning process of puberty, a kind of inflatable life ring in the raging and unpredictable waters of self-development.

Created & Narrated by:  Yashi
Music:  Christopher Franke
Total Playing Time: 25:42

You can download this CD for just $7.99 at the iTunes Store.

Yashi - Relaxation CD for Adolescents - to Increase Balance, Relaxation and Productivity