Relaxation, Balance, Tranquility and Security

Relaxation CD for children ages 5 and up, and their parents.

[Support for ADD / ADHD and Concentration Disorders]
Are children simply a consequence of procreation or merely a replication of our DNA?
Surely they are both, but most importantly they are a gift to us, to this world and to their surroundings.

Cover of the Relaxation CD for Children: Relaxation, Balance, Tranquility and Security

Children are by nature playful, interested and awake, and want to experience joy.  They still express their love unconditionally.

A child is like a single grain which needs a lot of light, patience, ease, delight and comfort to be able to express itself fully.

That is why it is important to give children all these things, to attentively and lovingly engage and support them in their unbiasedness, their thirst for knowledge, and their love of life. 



Nevertheless in everyday living, because of a lot of work or personal worries, and in spite of knowing better, being prepared for it, and obviously wanting to give our children all this support, occasionally the time and patience to communicate these feelings is lacking.  With that, the first injuries can begin to grow.

They are constantly active and try everything without thinking about or evaluating it: everything is a fascinating challenge.  They inflict pain, then move on immediately and forget about the little injuries and shocks in their conscious mind.  Unconsciously however these remain stored and gradually find their way to the surface again as insecurities or fears.

With this relaxation CD you can give your child and also yourself the chance to let go--to let go in a guided relaxation which creates quiet and comfort through music and the spoken word—these are frequencies that help support your child’s love and trust, and heal unconscious wounds in the soul without your child noticing anything.

The basis of this relaxation exercise lies in the knowledge that from birth we all carry the potential for light and life force in our cells.  Desire and practice are all that are needed to discover this for yourself and use it.  Even small children can quickly and playfully find access here to their own powerful light.

Created & Narrated by:  Yashi
Music:  Christopher Franke
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Yashi - For Children: Relaxation, Balance, Tranquility and Security