Love Through an Open Heart

It is something that each of us desperately seeks outside ourselves from the time we are small, but is only to be found within.  It is something that most people hope for, ask for, and despair about in different ways--exactly this causes us to laugh, to burst full of happiness, or to cry.

Cover of the Meditation CD: Open the Hearth with Love

It is sensed, experienced, lived by each one of us quite individually.  

Nevertheless, in the most neutral sense, and in its original form, love is always the same quality of contentment, peacefulness, and unconditionality.

Love does not call for grasping, sticking to one another, or dependence on people, words, or actions.  It has no requirements to be fulfilled.

Love is an aspect of our soul that can give us expansion, warmth, comfort, protection, contentment, openness, acceptance, and, above all, tolerance—when we are ready to open and trust it.

Every day, with the constant growth of this quality of love in us, we can overcome our resistances to life more easily, smile about ourselves more lightly, and bravely overlook or turn a blind eye to the weaknesses of others.  Forgiveness and pardon can actually reach into the soul and heal injuries.

Partnerships are wonderful.  They are desirable and important for the experience and evolution of our soul.  But imagine how great it would feel to finally internalize the wisdom that we carry love for ourselves already in our cells, and break the cycle of dependence on believing that we must always and only receive love from others.

How delightful and worthwhile a partnership might become--an even more tender and free experience of being together--through natural, light-filled, loving contact with oneself; to be allowed and able to do everything, without having to do or possess anything in order to feel loved or to carry a deep will to live inside oneself.

Love for ourselves exists in abundance within us.  It can be mirrored in those sitting opposite us, and finds itself in the outside world as well as in itself.  Love’s only purpose is to love.

Experience love as an unconditional inner embrace.

Created & Narrated by:  Yashi
Music:  Christopher Franke
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Yashi - Open the Heart With Love