Now - The Source of Inner Wisdom

Continuously stopping time and space is a question of constant practice.  The less a person concerns himself with the real, source dimensions, the more constricted and manifest his reality in this world becomes.

The Cover of the Meditation CD: Now - the Source of inner Wisdom

Without the cessation of time and space, habitual thoughts and feelings take over guidance in us rather than our soul and its higher potential.  We should use the soul more – it is an ambassador and acts as a bridge between spirit and matter.

This meditation CD is not only for learning to let go of the tense day or help regenerate nerves or become stress free.  It makes coming closer to a higher awareness easier.

The elemental intelligence of our source is accessible to each of us but is only found deep within.  We manage entrance to it through the now.  The past, as well as the future distract us from reaching our origins.  By following the tone we can discover a new depth in other dimensions.

Without thoughts, without feelings, reaching the zero point in oneself -- this is true concentration which leads to contemplation.

Created & Narrated by:  Yashi
Music:  Christopher Franke
Total Playing Time:

You can download this Meditation for just $9.99 at the iTunes Store.

Yashi - Now - the Source of Inner Wisdom