Meditation CDs created by Yashi

Enjoy this new kind of meditation which addresses the isolating and complicating pressures of modern life.
All meditation CDs were created and narrated by  Yashi and released at  Lightball Media publishing. The original music was written by  Christopher Franke.

Meditation CD: LIGHT – An Atomic Consciousness

LIGHT – An Atomic Consciousness

Science proved long ago that billions of cells, cell nuclei, and the atoms contained within them exist in our bodies.  These atoms were closely researched and it was determined that they are composed of millions of light quanta.

Meditation CD:  Now - The Source of Inner Wisdom

Now - The Source of Inner Wisdom

Continuously stopping time and space is a question of constant practice.  The less a person concerns himself with the real, source dimensions, the more constricted and manifest his reality in this world becomes.

Meditation CD: Love Through an Open Heart by Yashi

Love Through an Open Heart

It is something that each of us desperately seeks outside ourselves from the time we are small, but is only to be found within.  It is something that most people hope for, ask for, and despair about in different ways--exactly this causes us to laugh, to burst full of happiness, or to cry.

Meditation CD:  Inner Independence and Freedom by Yashi

Inner Independence and Freedom

Independence and Freedom are words that immediately evoke sympathy in us, although paradoxically they only first have profound meaning when we must do without them; that is, when in some way we feel pressured, constricted, or cheated out of them. 

Meditation CD by Yashi: The Element AIR



The Element AIR

Everyone interacts with it differently, depending on taste and personal attitude. Where one person cannot get enough of it, another prefers to stay in front of a television or computer in a closed room.

Meditation CD: The Element Water; by Yashi


The Element Water

Our human body as well as the planet earth is composed of over 70% water.
Water is vital to life.  But in excess, through a sickness in our body—like a weakness in the heart or kidneys or a blockage in the lymph system—even it can become seriously toxic to us.

Meditation CD: The Element Earth; created by Yashi


The Element Earth

Integrating this element in us means discovering or intensifying our earth qualities, qualities that are full of stability.  Earth properties give our thoughts and feelings a natural, original base again -- free from paralyzing and twisted patterns.

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