About Lightball Media

Lightball Media is an organization which acts as acontact point for bundling spiritual knowledge and making it available to everyone.

Lightball Media publishing was founded in 2006 in Berlin, Germany, and with its work hopes to contribute to bringing together and distributing practical and spiritual knowledge.
In order to make this combined knowledge experiential, Lightball Media releases books and CDs and organises numerous healing, meditation and personal development workshops with  Yashi.
In its events and publications, the publishing house focuses on all those who bring with them an interest in new knowledge—independent of whether or how deep an analysis of spiritual themes already exists.

Spiritual and practical knowledge...

In order to make insights quickly and directly perceived for everyone, Lightball Media uses an approach in its recordings developed by  Yashi, where knowledge content is imparted through resonance of speech and tones.As each person reads and listens he automatically receives bundled energies in the form of electromagnetic vibrations and thereby attains more awareness.  In this way, through contemplation, which is possible for everyone, medial bundled knowledge is made accessible. This is a process that is fostered by an adequately open internal state – without reliance on intellectual, waking-conscious access or links with a religion.

...made experiential.

Knowing that this approach is elusive to the mind,  Yashi tries to lead individuals to the depth inside themselves  and to reach the pulsation of soul and spirit there.
It is a path which leaves behind the classical understanding of body, soul and spirit and devotes itself to a new consciousness –  Digital Consciousness.  It is an offering to all human beings to allow themselves to be guided toward a fresh consciousnes, for more happiness, independence and freedom in life.

Lightball Media means welcome, and invites you to discover something new :)