LIGHT – An Atomic Consciousness

Everyone knows what light is, and that without light there would be no existence on our planet.  Every seed needs light and its physical transformation, namely warmth, for growth and life.

Light exists in the guise of electricity and in its natural, original form.  Both issue from its source, even when the artificially produced lightbulb is “only” an imitation of fire or the sun.  “What does this have to do with the meditation exercise ‘light’ ?" you might ask.

Cover of the meditation CD: LIGHT – An Atomic Consciousness; created by Yashi

Light is the source of all life and thus the source of our human existence.  It was written in the Bible “let there be light, and there was light”.  This simply had nothing to do with religiousity.

Science proved long ago that billions of cells, cell nuclei, and the atoms contained within them exist in our bodies.  These atoms were closely researched and it was determined that they are composed of millions of light quanta. We humans nourish our system with two light sources; one outside, one inside.  Why does a fetus grow in the uterus, a kind of cave, when there is ostensibly no light source for its growth there?  How do our cells know which function they have and that each type of cell has a completely different biochemical job to perform?

From these questions and the knowledge they suggest we can deduce that light is a life force, a life elixir, a higher potential for our existence.  They implicate our higher intelligence, an unbounded and tireless wisdom that everything wants to illuminate, to make visible, so that it may be disentangled and, if necessary, sorted out and healed.

Through this exercise with The Element Light we can regain access to our own source. It allows us to examine ourselves anew, to clarify and straighten out various aspects of ourselves. More light inside means increased observation, increased sensing, regained perspective, and the removal of one’s head from the sand in order to look life squarely in the face.  Our light along with its warmth and contentment grants happiness, expansion, balance and vital energy with which to look at the things around us, to accept and when necessary to deal with them.  It is, consequently, essential for the use of our own self-healing abilities.

Increase intensity of the soul through concentration of atomic consciousness.
Become aware of the boundlessness of eternity. Allow inner stillness.

Created & Narrated by:  Yashi
Music:  Christopher Franke
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Yashi - Light