Inner Independence and Freedom

Independence and Freedom are words that immediately evoke sympathy in us, although paradoxically they only first have profound meaning when we must do without them; that is, when in some way we feel pressured, constricted, or cheated out of them

The human being is an interplay of inner and outer worlds.  Our system orients itself toward what happens outside in order to circumvent, take action, and find a solution for things:  this has always been true, especially in adulthood, with everything that offers itself in our lives in the form of situations and people.  But it isn’t always easy to make the best decisions and use the right approach: because of many outside points of view, the light-filled core in us can remain concealed.  Freedom and independence means having our own thoughts and being true to our feelings in order to engage in communication and exchange with others without ever forgetting ourselves;  to preserve the source in us--our radiance, lightness, liveliness, flexibility, spontaneity and expressiveness--at all times, with every right.

Sometimes it happens that we are in the middle of a world that is an absolute jungle, a jungle consisting of so many different perspectives, decisions, contrasts—with confusion to the point of chaos so that one hand seems not to know what the other does, and considers something completely different for itself every second.

In all the speed, the permanent interaction, the disarray and restlessness, there is still a foundation, a home, an unshakeable front in us.

Regardless of what awaits us today or tomorrow, of whatever life still has prepared for us in the way of surprises, positive or negative, we must create clarity and strength in ourselves. I can only engage myself for something when I know what it is I would like.  I can only change things for myself when I am ready to become active.  I can only be brave when I am secure inside.  And the best news is, we can find all this readily available in us.  We only need to rediscover it with practice and discipline, and use it.  The light in our cells with its expanse and clarity gives us unconditionally abundant freedom and independence in ourselves!  Making one’s own happiness independent of others and of external conditions is true change, inside and out.

Experience the state of letting go. Make your way consciously to the space of freedom.

Created & Narrated by:  Yashi
Music:  Christopher Franke
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Yashi - Inner Independence and Freedom