Healing Relaxation for Adults
A Support In the Dissolution of Shocks and Negative Stress

Not only do children have daily experiences, and at times fall on their noses.  Every day presents a whole range of new challenges for adults as well, challenges which are valuable to take on and make the best of.

Cover of the Relaxation CD for Adults: A Support In the Dissolution of Shocks and Negative Stress

Each of us manages his or her stress and occasional defeat quite differently.  In the case of defeat, for instance, can you simply turn the page and objectively open the next chapter?  Or do you let yourself grow aggravated about your knowledge, abilities and trust to the point where you become completely insecure?

Alas, it is chiefly the hassles that we do not emerge from victoriously which remain in our memory to torment us and are unconsciously responsible for the situations we later attract.



We naturally store our victories in our unconscious as well, and they show themselves alike in our appearance and attitude.  But what do you imagine is more powerful, less controllable, and (without meditation training) has a longer staying power in us---fear about something or happiness?

This relaxation CD is fundamentally based on the knowledge that the injuries and aggravations which were let loose at some point through problems with day to day family life, career, and stress or shocks, can and should be healed.  The healing of these experiences—not their erasure but rather a loving acceptance of what has happened to us, or what we fear—is the prerequisite for truly having a choice of experiences again in life!

Phrases like-- “It was obvious that it would happen to me again!”, “Why always me? Why do bad things always happen to me?”, “It would be so nice if something good would finally happen to me!”-- can be a part of the emotions and thoughts of the past.

The only requirement is to trust the soul again and let go of the power in painful experiences--through inner light, so that we can see what it is we want to release; through love for ourselves, which pardons us from everything and forgives others; and through straightforward acceptance of our small weaknesses and the things that simply went badly.

New courage and trust in one’s own strength and inner composure can truly move mountains, as the saying goes. So move your dark, light-obstructing mountains. Let radiance again shine through, and the rivers of life and exuberance flow oncemore for themselves.

Created & Narrated by:  Yashi
Music:  Christopher Franke
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Healing Relaxation