About Yashi - Life in Balance

Yashi was born on August 6, 1946 in Baden-Württemberg (South Germany).  She is married and the mother of two.

Early life

Photo: Portrait of Yashi

She was raised without parents on her grandmother’s simple farm.  As the child of a German mother and Asian father, acceptance in her small village was difficult.  At 13 she was sent to a foster family, where she still felt like a stranger, though protected.

It was left to her to observe the cycles in life alone, and to draw her own conclusions from them; conclusions which others did not recognize at all, or whose meaning they could not see. This was where the beginning of her life’s work with and for others took shape.

After her state examination in home economics, to gain experience Yashi worked as an assistant nurse in a large hospital.  She was especially intrigued by the abilities of surgeons whom she observed performing operations and resolved to sit in on lectures given by doctors in various specialties.  But she was impressed that the advances in modern medicine had almost completely forgotten all of the knowledge and experience from centuries of using the healing power of nature.  Searching to understand the differences between eastern and western healing practices, she came upon classical acupuncture with its completely different manner of making diagnoses and sparse use of medicine.

As Yashi’s experience and knowledge grew, she came to view homeopathy as an important healing method as well. In 1977 she successfully completed her training as breath therapist and instructor at the Middendorf Institute, and was approved as Heilpraktikerin in 1978.  She has worked as an alternative health practitioner in her own Berlin practice since then.


Yashi understands healing as a close interaction between body, soul, and spirit. She came to this realization after inner urgency as a child brought her to frequent prayer and set the stage for a profound interest in the workings of various relaxation techniques.  In her investigations, in addition to breath therapy, Yashi  came into contact with, among others, autogenic training, breath therapy, various forms of yoga and their meditation techniques, regression therapy and techniques, hypnosis therapy, astrology, transpersonal psychotherapy, and family constellation work.   After years of research and experimentation, she assimilated her knowledge and developed a new kind of meditation which addresses the isolating and complicating pressures of modern life.  She teaches this, and the basis for it, in lectures, seminars, and retreats in and around Berlin and other parts of Germany and German-speaking countries…

"Go inside" and pray

From an inner urgency as a child, Yashi learned to “go inside” with prayer as her grandmother suggested, to concentrate on the “inside of her heart”.  This brought balance and quiet from which to experience the interior richness of her soul.  All world religions in the world encourage an inward path, a life path which Yashi has pursued and whose approach she can show to others.  She wants to convey how each human being, independent from a religion, can completely, individually come to his or her own truth and with this to deep peace.  For that, each person must in all possible honesty make a choice; for themselves, for their inner clarity and truth, for the benefit of their soul.

Life in balance

Yashi is very impressed by the extremes that are lived today:  some look for quiet, peace, and balance, and strive to go inward.  Others search for or chase after things outside themselves: experience in the outside world calls for more and more action, travel, and speed—and with this the individual’s balance is lost.  The old adage, “Ora et labora”—“pray and work”, has completely lost its original meaning.  Prayer, the practice of a human being focusing inside in order to concentrate on their soul and its abundance, can exist apart from a particular confession or belief system. And when work is no longer mistakenly connected with a great burden it can emanate from an internal fullness moving outside to create enjoyment in its actions, resulting in less discord, envy, and hatred.  Yashi firmly believes that such an undertaking does not involve choosing one or the other, but rather combining both creative forces in our life.

Make things easier

And this is where Yashi finds her task.  How can things be made easier for people? She knows that living more effortlessly requires a freely made decision, an inner choice, so that it is ethically clean and in this way able to meet the demands of its requirements. Making human beings consciously aware that they are more than a polar system of plus and minus, that they are more than a mortal physical shell is possible:  Digital Consciousness is equally available to everyone in its manifestation as a force in every cell.  Access may be freely chosen by each individual for him or herself and cannot be purchased or corrupted.  In this, we are all the same.  Everything, which is created by each of us, exists, and can only be transformed through us, in us. 

From that knowledge comes a transposition of the saying, “Thy will be done”.