About Digital Consciousness

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[The term "Digital Consciousness"
should not be confused with the digital technology.]

Many people ask themselves:

Why do we possess an astral consciousness?
Why do we have a soul?

These questions can also lead to discontentment about how long it takes to recognize fixed patterns and imprints in our behavior and to overcome blockages.

Can I accelerate my personal development?
Can the perceived karmic principle be overcome?

In a time marked by hectic and ever more complicated structures, the complexity of spiritual consciousness should be put into a simpler form and thus into a timeless dimension. Digital Consciousness is a spiritual potential that resides with certainty and security within every human being.

The term "Digital Consciousness" should not be confused with digital technology. This is much more about achieving a direct access to our origin, our beginning, and thereby to a great power. This is not about proving the origin of humanity or the big bang theory, nor is it about a special application of digital technology. It's about the knowledge of knowledge. Or is knowledge the beginning?

Digital Consciousness, which is now and always has been, has been side-stepped for too long. The misunderstanding that God only exists outside of ourselves, that we only live by the mercy of others, has caused us to give up responsibility for ourselves and push it away to another level. Consequently, we have been denied access to the highest spiritual principle. A principle that enables each and every individual to work out and embark upon a direct way to his/her development - to directly and without trauma overcome and solve blockages, observations and stored impressions from all levels of our experience and enable healing and development within ourselves.

The planes of body, soul, and spirit, used for thousands of years, are important. It is an essential basic for everyone to understand and comprehend these planes - above all how they mesh with each other and influence each other in our daily life. With the newly discovered access to the more primordial dimension of Digital Consciousness however, we can go a step further.

Ease, serenity, happiness, and a different joy for life become possible. To slowly move from the habitual planes to unlimited and unusual planes becomes an alternative. A free, carefree living dimension where you can be happy and have fun. Stripping off the restraints of polarity can be a wonderful goal! Do I have to make life hard when I can make it easy? Was I really born, sluggish and clumsy, struggling to connect one thought to another, when I am sitting at the source right in this minute?      

Every human being who begins to observe him/herself can achieve this consciousness - everyone - the less complicated the person, the easier it is. This approach is one independent of faith, one that does not ignore, condemn or judge teachings, but welcomes every human being regardless of faith, creed or any spiritual direction he/she may have chosen.  

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